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Shramqo Inc. has developed a concept design for world-class RAINBOW HOTEL (The Luminary) located in the heart of City of Nanjing, Peoples Republic of China. It will be one of the major luxury hotels in the regions.
The contemporary architectural treatment and dynamic form of RAINBOW HOTEL symbolize the Nanjing’s self-perception as the center of economic progress and technology of the future. The new design includes two existing developments on the site – the old hotel building and a club house.
Shramqo Inc. design team decided to establish a plaza as the center of the property and develop the new building around it. The hotel will contain over 400 rooms, a conference center and numerous commodities typical for any luxury hotel in the world. But, in the addition, the entertainment element will be added to the ground floor area. This will include shopping arcade and themed retail. By combining hospitality and entertainment, the new lobby will become energetic, vibrant and dynamic space.

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