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TimeEscape is an exciting time travel ride that combines eye-popping 3-D projections, state-of-the-art computer graphics, incredible live special effects, robotics and high impact motion simulators to create an unforgettable adventure through the past, present and future of Chicago. Designed by Shramqo Inc. team, this year-round family entertainment attraction at Chicago's Navy Pier, is a three-part walk-through event and movie that takes guests on a tour of Chicago's past, present and future.
Passengers first enter the observation deck of the Time Transport and are greeted by animatronic robot who explains rules and regulations of the brave new world of time travel that allows them to pierce through the very fabric of the fourth dimension.

After this briefing, time travelers proceed through a jetway and enter the Time Transport (three-screen 3-D theater with live special effects). First stop on the tour is the Mesozoic era, followed by Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and 1933 World’s Fair. After the collision with a train, passengers are required to abandon the Time Transport machine and flee to Escape Pods. Amid blasting sirens and fog, passengers quickly make their way down the escape corridor of the obviously damaged Time Transport and board one of the five Escape Pods (3-D motion simulators). The Escape Pod begins to shake as the launch sequence begins and the vehicle careens into the Chicago sky and enters a time warp which zooms the Escape Pod into the year 2333! The Escape Pods encounter eye-popping images of fantastical buildings, flying traffic and even a futuristic car wash, as well as blasting up the John Hancock Building, down the Chicago River corridor, to the Board of Trade, before safely returning to present day Chicago.

Visit the official TimeEscape 3-D website at:

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