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For location in Austria, Shramqo Inc. has developed a concept design for sports-themed family entertainment center – the VILLACH SPORT CENTER. Anchored by Villach Needle Tower and stadium on one end and arrival plaza on the other, the central street is a unique combination of world-class retail, food service and small family entertainment venues. The street is virtually convertible to be both covered and outdoor promenade, depending on weather conditions.


Behind the main street is a collection of sports-themed rides and attractions (such as Go-Carts, 4-D simulators and Formula-1) and various sport facilities (such as soccer field and tennis courts). A full-scale roller coaster interlaces with contemporary architecture of the main street. Designed as separate entity, large Kids Area houses a number of off-shelf round rides, one kiddie coaster and interactives. VILLACH SPORT CENTER is a vibrant and dynamic place of sports and entertainment – a unique tourist and family destination in the region.

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