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Including locations in New Districts of Doha 66 and 69, Shramqo Inc. has developed a study and conceptual master plan for “Nine-Mile” Development, a large residential, tourism, leisure and entertainment complex on the coast of Qatar in Arabian Gulf. This ambitious project supported by Qatar Government will include country’s largest theme park, a Sport Park with Formula-1 racing track, the Aqua Park, and cruise-ship terminal.


Tower of Qatar, the country’s major architectural icon, will be located on one of the newly built piers. “Nine-Mile” Development will contain a series of resort/hotel islands, each with distinctive atmosphere and character. In the center of the property, the complex will contain luxury residential communities, large shopping district with convention center, and mixed-use entertainment facilities. “Nine-Mile” Development will be the top tourist and leisure destination not only in Middle East, but also in the whole world.

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