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Set in the ancient port city of Aqaba, the SARAYA SEASIDE RESORT provides an exotic atmosphere with its sandy beaches surrounded by a chain or purple mountains and groves of palm trees. Shramqo Inc. design team strove to preserve the history of the area through their use of archeological elements in the hotels and Old City, such as limestone walls and mosaic tiles, to create an ambience of a city that was "built up through the ancient ruins".


The SARAYA SEASIDE RESORT offers world-class luxury accommodation in the authentic and exotic environment of ancient ruins, bustling bazaars and narrow streets. This unique tourism destination in the region also relies on local craftsman for special touches in the interiors. SARAYA SEASIDE RESORT complex features an themed Entertainment Center, the Old City, several gated villa communities and three world class luxury hotels offering number of specialty /casual dining and banquette facilities, health clubs, shops, apartments and pool restaurants. The landmark bridge link is based on gate designs from the ancient city and includes variety of street attractions including live performers, small food units, and special lighting nighttime spectacular.

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