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Working for Warner Bros. Movie World theme park in Madrid, Spain, Shramqo Inc. has designed one of the park’s highlight attractions – the all new wild, wacky, and wonderful “Hollywood Special Effects Lab” show, featuring The MASK in 3-D technology.

The fun begins with an informative “makeup and effects demonstration” where a host explains the elements of movie makeup, facial appliances, computer imaging and mechanical creature effects. But the audience is in for a surprise when the host discovers a certain mystical wooden faceplate that instantly changes him into the one-and-only, zoot-suit-wearing, joke-cracking MASK. As the man in green takes over the scene, the audience is swept into a cartoonish nightmare full of puns, pratfalls, and pyrotechnics, filling the theater with laughter, illusions, and special effects. For his finale, The MASK then pulls the audience into his world, enveloping them in a full-screen 4-D film finale with outrageous state-of-the-art computer generated imagery and in-theater effects that dazzle the senses.

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