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Concept design for the OLYMPICS CENTER SEOUL in South Korea, developed by Shramqo Inc. is based on its previous, design/built project - the Olympics Center Toronto. OLYMPICS CENTER SEOUL is a magnificent attraction and interactive exhibit that celebrates the international appeal of the Olympic Games, and the athletes who strive for Olympic excellence.


Through this elegant and entertaining attraction, guests will be immersed in Olympic Games, they will be able to see, hear, and touch the Games as they never have before, enjoying an engaging collection of exhibits, media-based presentations and participatory interactive experiences. This high-quality celebration of sport and competition will introduce guests to the history of the Games and give every visitor a deeper appreciation for what athletes go through to earn the right to call themselves Olympians. Olympics Center Seoul features high involvement attractions for families that bring the Olympic experience to everyone who visits. It is all about bringing the Games and the Athletes to the people. It fills the gap between each period of the Summer and Winter Olympiads to create a leisure and learning experience that can be enjoyed by everyone on the daily basis. Olympics Center Seoul embraces the ideals of the Olympic Charter in an entertaining and interactive exhibition of these life-goals.

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