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Shramqo Inc. has developed a master plan, story and complete concept design for the spectacular AL MAHHAR ISLAND (Seashell Island) - the 210-acre shell-shaped entertainment and resort complex in Arabian Gulf. This land of fantasy is a blend of four unique theme parks, one world-class seaside resort, and number of exceptional shopping and dining facilities - a magical experience of luxury and wonder.


AL MAHHAR ISLAND combines the best the world has to offer in shopping, dining, accommodations, and entertainment – creating a one-of-a-kind destination right in the heart of Arabian Gulf. AL MAHHAR ISLAND will be the ultimate tourist destination in the Middle East and world.
The center of the island is home to the PROMENADE, a pedestrian throughway that connects all the various elements together, creating a main circulation corridor for visitors to the island.
On the ocean side of the shell-shaped island is THE PIER, connecting the visitors with the warm winds and uninterrupted vistas of the Gulf. Towering over THE PIER is the unmistakable icon of the Tower of Bahrain.
More than just an aquarium, AQUA PARK offers a contemporary spin on marine life parks. Through immersive exhibits and attractions, guests will get closer to the creatures of the deep than they’ve ever been before.
Within walls of the OLD CITY, visitors will be transported to a simpler time, long ago, a time when tales of romance were woven under a starry night and ancient mysteries were buried deep under the desert sands.
Rising from the opposite corner the island is a mountainous region of rock and fire, revealing a lava flow of high-energy thrills and adventure. This is CRATER CITY, another one of Al Mahhar Island’s world wonders.
Complimenting and contrasting the high-tech entertainment throughout Al Mahhar Island is the lush oasis of the GARDEN OF EDEN, where guests can partake in the harmony and tranquility of nature’s beauty.


Nestled amongst all of the exciting entertainment and activity that Al Mahhar Island has to offer, guests will also find a luxurious haven of relaxation. A world-class PEARL RESORT is located at the heart of the entire island.

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